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Unlimited Love 
4 Oct 1999

     Several years ago, an 8.2 earthquake struck Armenia, leading to thousands of deaths and many collapsed buildings.  In the midst of this mess, a father hurried to his dear son's school to find it shapeless piles of stones.  Shocked but never disappointed, the father stubbornly walked towards the place where his son's class used to be and started digging.
     The other parents present at the time tried to get him out and convince him that it was too late.  However, he listened to no one except his heart. Then the fire chief tried to pull him out persuading him that many explosions could occur that would endanger his life.  Even more determined, he maintained his work.
     While the father continued digging and lifting heavy stones, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36 hours passed.  At the 38th hour, he heard his son's voice.  Instantly he screamed "Armand!"
     His son's voice came cheerfully with lively reply,  "Dad!"  The son continued,  "Dad, I was sure you will save me.  I told my friends that if you were still alive, you would save me!  You promised me you would always be here for me!  You did it Dad!"
     Dear friends, if this father, a human being, has showed such unlimited love, what about our God who has created this loving father and who is the essence of love!  God has promised to be near us whenever and wherever we call Him.  It may seem that He is not responding, not listening and not sharing us our sufferings.  But the truth is that God is in the process of removing this heap of stones around us.
     Prayer:  "O Lord, forgive me if I once was deceived by devil and thought you are far from me.  Please, help me learn how to wait for your work in my life.  Please, teach me how to be patient for you.  I am smothered by the world's temptations, sins, hypocrisy and hatred.  Please, help me revive in you.  I have faith in your promises and am sure you are supporting me right now.  Thank you Lord, my true love forever.  Amen."
     "Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you."  Hebrews 13:5 NIV

Author Unknown


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