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The Pope
9 June 2001

     The Pope has just finished a tour of the Napa Valley and is taking a limousine to San Francisco.  Having never driven a limo, he asks the chauffeur if he can drive for a while.  Since the chauffeur really doesn't have much of a choice, he climbs in the back of the limo and the Pope takes the wheel.

     The Pope proceeds down Silverado, and starts accelerating to see what the limo can do.  He gets to about 90 MPH, and suddenly he sees the red and blue lights of the highway patrol in his mirror.  He pulls over and the trooper comes to his window.  The trooper, seeing who it is, says, "Just a moment please, I need to call in."

     The trooper calls in and asks for the chief.  He tells the chief that he's got a REALLY important person pulled over, and asks how he should handle it.

     "It's not Ted Kennedy again is it?" asks the chief.

     "No Sir!"  replies the trooper, "This guy's more important."

     "Is it the Governor?"  asks the chief.

     "No!  Even more important!"  replies the trooper.

     "Is it the PRESIDENT?" asks the chief.

     "No!  Even more important!"  replies the trooper.

     "Well WHO THE HECK is it?"  screams the chief.

     "I don't know Sir."   replies the trooper,  "but he's got the Pope as his chauffeur."

Author Unknown

Prayers needed Now!
For our Troops every where.

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