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God's Biggest Angel
16 May 2001

He was big and most ungainly,
He had freckles and red hair,
His wings would not fly smoothly
He had to walk most everywhere.

When Big Red was made in heaven,
Someone read his blueprints wrong,
They put him in the Grow-Machine,
And left him there too long.

So, once he started growing,
He just grew, and grew, and grew,
The most experienced angels,
Had no idea what to do.

They tried to shrink him in the sun,
Which turned his angel hair bright red,
Since they could not cover their mistakes,
They put more love in him instead.

His angel playmates teased him,
In good clean angel fun,
For in their angel heart of hearts,
He was their favorite one.

Now, when angels finish training,
They're then assigned to earth,
But God knew there was a problem,
With Big Red's height and girth.

He could not hide like tiny angels,
In pockets or in ears,
He could not pop out of flowers,
And instantly appear.

So, God thought, and planned and pondered,
And then He wisely chose,
To send Big Red among the people,
In ordinary clothes.

Big Red came down from heaven,
In a pair of coveralls,
Folks did not know he was an angel,
Treated him no differently at all.

Since he was so plain and simple,
Folks just went on their way,
They did not even glance at him,
As they rushed throughout their day.

The first job Big Red performed,
Was to install a set of brakes.
They later stopped a car,
For a child who could not wait.

Next, an old soul carrying groceries,
In big bags from the store,
Did not know it was an angel,
That helped him out the door.

A blind man did not see the hole,
In the sidewalk up ahead,
But he felt a hand upon his elbow,
As to safety he was led.

A big man in a slicker,
Pulled another from some flames,
An ambulance attendant,
Kindly soothed a man in pain.

A policeman took a lost boy home,
That policeman had red hair,
Then, some big man gave a helping hand,
To a mother worn with care.

Red did all the things big angels do,
Which little ones wished they could,
God was greatly gratified,
That Big Red had done so good.

God sent orders to His crew,
"Make more angels like Big Red,
I want earth filled up with them,
And I want them widely spread."

So big angels then were scattered,
Among ordinary men,
But, people did not know for sure,
Just who was one of them.

If a gift was given with a grin,
Or a clerk smiled at the store,
Or a neighbor waved a friendly hand ,
Or a stranger held the door.

We do not know; we cannot know,
Which one's the angel there.
Or did an angel cross our path?
Could be ... God's put them everywhere.

So you never know when you will see or talk to one of the Angels...
You might have already.....who knows.

Author Unknown


Prayers needed Now!
For our Troops every where.

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