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Judgement Day
29 Aug 2000

I was standing at the seat of judgment, waiting for my turn
Thinking of the houses and the treasures I would earn
Thinking of how I'd lived my life just as a Christian should
Thinking of how I'd always done what was right and what was good

I knew that when my turn would come with the Father and the Son
They would look at me and my life and say to me "Well Done"
I knew that I was sinless, and my life beyond reproach
I got more excited as my time began to approach

But just then I looked around and who should I see,
But the lady that I worked with, just down the hall from me
We always passed each other with a wave and a smile
And when the time would allow we would chat for a little while

We would talk about our jobs, our kids, and various little things
Our conversations always pleasant and laughter it would bring
Just then she looked up, and her teary eyes locked with mine
And my smile faded when I realized she was in the other line

She began to speak the words that broke my heart in two
It pains me now to remember as I share these words with you
She said  "Why didn't you tell me about the God that you do know,
You went to church each week but never invited me to go?

You never told me of his saving mercy, that he died on the cross
And now it is to late for me and my soul's eternally lost
I see you saved yourself and that you are among the chosen few,
But tell me, couldn't you have made an effort, to try and save me too

Just then I sat straight up in bed, my heart pounding in my chest
Thank God it was just a dream, but my spirit still couldn't rest
I realized that I couldn't keep my God a secret among friends
But that I must learn to always share the hope that the gospel lends

So I encourage you not to wait until it is too late
Go and tell everyone you meet that your God is so, so great!

Author Unknown


Prayers needed Now!
For our Troops every where.

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