The Lord's Grace
 General Stories of God's Grace 


Table of Contents
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A Parable of the Fishermen
God said, No!
For Our Pastor
Twinkies and Root Beer
Grandpa's Hands
Obituary of Jesus
Achieving God's Perfection
Heavenly Tour
Road Rage
The One Flaw In Women
History Lesson
Her Daily Walk
Tax Assessor Came
Tell a Friend
God Won't Ask
All Your Strength
My name is Rose
The Gift of Time
Today I Cried
by Agatha Weeks
Biblical History
Let's Roll
That's God
The Center of the Bible
Minor Traveling Unattended
The Silversmith
The Special Puppy
Recall Notice
The Smell of Rain
Who I Am Makes a Difference
Little Boy Meets God
The Power of One
A Parable of Two Frogs
Interview with God #2
Wooden Bowl
I am with You
I watched You
The Teacher
Love, Wealth and Success
The Train Wreck
Emergency Phone Numbers
The Devil's Beatitudes
Hourly Wage
The Cake
God and the Scientist
The Silent Sermon
The Carpenter
God Is Crazy About You
All Winners
We are all Children of God!
Negative to Positive
Potato, Egg & Coffee
   Things aren't always as they appear
What Does Love Mean?
Under God
Obituary - He Shall Be Missed
TV Program Prompts Billy Graham To Respond
Trials of the Blacksmith
Beyond Death
Explain God
The Lord Is My Shepherd
What Goes Around Comes Around
Kurt Warner
The Holy Alphabet
Rudy's Angel
The Birth of the Song "Precious Lord"
Happiness Is
The Next Time You Sneeze
The Road of Life
Columbine Update
Three Trees
P. U. S. H.
Listen to God
All Good Things
Feelings on the Island
   I Can Sleep When The Wind Blows
A Story about Forgiveness
Jesus is Really Real
God's Wings
A Speeding Ticket
Why We Love Children
The Brick
The Cross
Heaven's Grocery Store
17 Bumper Stickers
A Simple Prayer
The First and Last
The Piano
The Fork!
   It Depends On Whose Hands It's In
The Heart of the Matter
A Box Full of Kisses
The Target
The Perfect Heart
The Heart and Wisdom of a Child  Some real short stories about kids.


Prayers needed Now!
For our Troops every where.

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