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We are all children of God!
29 Aug 2000

     There's a wonderful story about a Chicago bank that once asked for a letter of recommendation on a young Bostonian being considered for employment.  The Boston investment house could not say enough about the young man.  His father, they wrote, was a Cabot; his mother was a Lowell.  Further back was a happy blend of Saltonstalls, Peabodys, and others of Boston's finest families.  His recommendation was given without hesitation. 
     Several days later, the Chicago bank sent a note saying the information supplied was altogether inadequate.  It read: "We are not contemplating using the young man for breeding purposes.  Just for work."  Neither is God a respecter of persons but accepts those from every family, nation, and race who fear him and work for his Kingdom.
     God wants all of his children, each and every one of us, to come home.  We tend to judge people based on this world's criteria - Where do they live?  Where do they work?  Who are their parents?  What kind of automobile do they drive?  And on and on.  But God judges all of us through the eyes of a loving creator that created us to begin with.  He loves us as any parent loves their children.  None of the children are better or worse.  They are all individuals from the day they were conceived.  Some may be easier to direct and to guide but all are loved equally. 
     God accepts us, all of us, for who we are.  God however sees in us our original being as he created.  In accepting others as they are we are acknowledging God's acceptance of us for who we are.  In providing loving support for others along their Christian journey in return to God, we too are seeing them as God originally created.  When we view God's creation through the eyes of God we are transformed further along the path to actually becoming the original creation of God. 

Yours in Christ,  Jerry & Bob Metcalfe


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